Cat and Dog travel the world!

I received some exciting news on the progress of Cat and Dog! They have been jet-setting around the world and have had a phenomenal year!

Since publishing last July, they have sold over 36,000 copies! 

And that's only the English editions... Which are publishing now not only in the UK, USA & Australia, but have travelled to Spain, Malaysia, South Africa, Iran and Azerbaijan!

They also have co-editions in an additional five languages - publishing in Holland, Mexico, Canada, Sweden and most recently Taiwan!! 

Pats on the back to all at Top That Publishing and the lovely author, Helen Oswald!

High-five team! (And low-paws to all the cats and dogs out there!)

Here are the Swedish, Dutch and Spanish editions...


No Hugs For Porcupine

Hooray for hugs! 

My debut author-illustrated book has just been acquired by Running Press Kids

It's a story about a little Porcupine who craves a cuddle, but unfortunately he just can't be hugged. Rabbit, Owl and Beaver mock our poor little Porcupine. So the prickly character, full of grumps and huffs, sets off on a lone adventure through the forest. There he meets Armadillo and discovers something that is just as good as a hug.

It's going to be jam packed with cute forest creatures... and I'm sure by the end of it you'll all want to hug Porcupine!