Truck, Truck, Goose! Published and very well received!


A story with limited text, nearly unlimited trucks, a picnicking goose, and a bevy of adorable animals.

Sauer embeds bespectacled Goose’s picnic to-do list into the copyright-page illustration: “Choose picnic spot. / Pack a big lunch. / Take everything I need.” Otherwise, the text is mostly limited to repetitions of the word “Truck” with the occasional “Goose!” in emulation of the familiar children’s game. The picnic spot Goose chooses is on a grassy area at the center of a nearby traffic circle, and Goose comically takes three cartloads of supplies from home, including a big red piano. Various kinds of trucks driven by other anthropomorphic animals drive around the circle while Goose plods along with his loads, but the “Truck… / Truck… /  Truck…” traffic halts when the red piano falls into the road. Goose seems unbothered and sets up a picnic, donning headphones and sunglasses to relax. The animal drivers, however, are frustrated by the ensuing traffic jam until a new truck affixed with a crane comes and moves it. Exultant, the animals’ joy is only heightened by the arrival of a new truck on the scene—this time an ice cream truck driven by not another Goose but “MOOSE!” Waring’s bright, digital cartoon illustrations include pleasingly rounded, expressive characters that add great humor to the text, while the illustrated trucks, unnamed by the limited text, invite identification by listeners.

Don’t duck this picture book. (Picture book. 1-4)